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Francisco Artigas at Midcentury: Modern Houses of the Mexican Miracle

Francisco Artigas, renowned architect of the 1950/60s, designed elegant modern homes for the elite of Mexico City and beyond, leaving a lasting legacy of sophistication and timeless style.

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Renowned Mexican architect, Francisco Artigas, made a significant impact on the architectural landscape of Mexico City and beyond during the 1950s and 1960s. He gained fame for designing and constructing elegant modern homes that catered to the elite class. These homes were characterized by their sleek and contemporary design, combining aesthetic appeal with functionality.
Artigas' architectural creations were widely recognized and featured in popular films and magazines worldwide. These houses were architectural counterparts to the three-decades-long period of sustained economic growth known as the “Mexican Miracle” (1940-70).
An era of surging industrial output and urbanization in Mexico—and of widespread modernization--this was also a time of burgeoning cultural investment and production. Its hallmarks include “the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema,” development of a vast new campus complex for the national university, and a broader building boom that made Mexico a globally recognized center of modern architecture and design. 
Artigas was among the most prolific and accomplished architects then working there, although his star has faded since the 1970s. This presentation reintroduces contemporary audiences to a fascinating and long-neglected modern architect, while using his work to highlight some of the particular conditions, ambitions, and concerns of his era.

A native of Portland OR, Keith Eggener received his PhD in art history from Stanford University. Eggener is the Marion D. Ross Distinguished Professor of Architectural History at the University of Oregon and Editor Emeritus of the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians. He is the author of three books, Luis Barragán's Gardens of El Pedregal, Cemeteries (part of a series from the US Library of Congress), an edited collection, American Architectural History: A Contemporary Reader, and numerous articles and book chapters on Mexican and U.S. art, architecture, landscape, urban design, and material culture. Eggener is the former editor of the 60-volume Buildings of the United States series from UVA Press, on the editorial boards of the Foro De Historia y Crítica de la Arquitectura Moderna and AMSJ: American Studies Journal, and was a consultant for, and contributor to, LACMA’s exhibition and book, Found in Translation: Design in California and Mexico, 1915-1985


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The entrance to the Annenberg Theater is located behind the Annenberg Theater Box Office, adjacent to the Palm Springs Art Museum's North Parking Lot.
Ample free public parking is available in the multi-level public garage across from the Palm Springs Art Museum.
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This event is wheelchair accessible.
The organizer of this event is Modernism Week.

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Photo Credits:  Roberto Luna – Yannick Wegner

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