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Garden Tour of the Kaufmann Residence, Richard Neutra, 1946

An outdoor garden tour of the historic Kaufmann Residence, Richard Neutra, 1946. An extraordinary opportunity to see the iconic architecture and landscape design of this famed global landmark.

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The outdoor garden tour of the historic Edgar J. Kaufmann Residence, Richard Neutra, 1946 is an extraordinary opportunity to experience the iconic architecture and landscape design that have made this residence a global landmark. Led by knowledgeable Modernism Week guides, a limited number of guests may immerse themselves in the sprawling 2-acre estate, including the "Orchard," tennis court, tennis house, and 100-year-old specimen cacti, one of which was personally gifted by Frank Lloyd Wright to the Kaufmann family. 

At the center of the garden is the famed swimming pool, captured in iconic photographs by Julius Shulman in 1947 and Slim Aarons in 1970’s "Poolside Gossip." While the interior of the house is not open to the public, visitors will have the opportunity to catch glimpses through the open glass sliding doors, which seamlessly integrate the architectural masterpiece into the surrounding landscape. This perspective allows for a unique understanding of how the house interacts with and becomes an integral part of its environment. 

The Kaufmann House, also known as the Kaufmann Desert House, is renowned for its innovative design and integration with the desert environment. During the tour, guides will provide insightful narratives about the exterior elements, emphasizing architectural preservation.  Guests will appreciate the deliberate interplay of light and shadow, as well as the purposeful use of materials such as steel, glass, and stone.

Throughout the tour, guides will also share the rich history of the Kaufmann House, highlighting its significance in architectural history and its enduring influence on the midcentury modern movement. This will provide guests with a deeper appreciation for the groundbreaking design principles and aesthetic considerations that have made this residence an enduring masterpiece.

The garden tour of the Kaufmann House is a rare opportunity to witness the harmonious fusion of architecture, landscape, and artistic vision, all while exploring the rich history and innovative spirit that define this legendary residence.

$65 - Garden Tour

Things to Know
This is a garden and exterior tour only.
Please wear comfortable shoes with a low heel for walking outdoors.
No photography or video will be permitted
No chairs, backpacks, tripods or selfie sticks allowed.
No food or beverages permitted.
18 and older.
There is ample parking available on the surrounding streets.
Please be respectful of the neighbors and do not block driveways or mailboxes.
There are some exterior and/or interior steps.
The organizer of this event is Modernism Week.

Event Check-in Location
The Kaufmann Residence
470 W Vista Chino
Palm Springs CA 92262
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