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Creative Mindfulness: Who Am I?

Join professional artist Judy Nemer Sklar and bring your curiosity and imagination to gain a better understanding of yourself through painting.

$15 (2 hrs)

Throughout the day, we wear a multitude of masks, perhaps a professional mask at work and a nurturing mask with loved ones. Masks are all about communication. They have been incorporated into ceremonies, rituals, and plays. They can evoke power and mystery.
In this workshop, we will decorate premade masks with paints and collage and, using the metaphor of the mask, consider what we reveal to others and what we conceal from the world. Bring your curiosity and imagination to gain a better understanding of yourself.
Participants should bring the following materials:
Acrylic paints: three or four of your favorite colors
Acrylic brush
Magazine or two for collage
Glue or Mod Podge paste
Utility brush for paste
Anything you might want to bring to embellish your mask that can be glued on: glitter, ribbon, etc.
This workshop takes place outside, sun protection and water is recommended.
Instructor: Judy Nemer Sklar is a professional artist, writer, educator and business owner residing in Palm Desert, California. She is passionate about the creative process and as an owner of a successful business management firm for over 20 years; she believes that creative thinking is highly beneficial for those in non-creative fields. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Chapman University, Orange, California, and a Master of Arts from California State University Dominguez Hills, Los Angeles, California.

For information, call 760-202-2254. If you are interested in an art workshop that is sold out, please email your name and phone number to [email protected] to be added to the wait list.
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