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Paul Revere Was Here: Los Angeles Conservancy's Walking Tour of Paul R. Williams in Beverly Hills

Join the Los Angeles Conservancy for a walking tour of Paul R. Williams' structures and see the impact he made on Beverly Hills architecture.

$40 (2 hrs)

There are four (4) homes on this tour.

Category: Presentation, Tour (Walking), Tour (Exterior)

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In a trailblazing career that spanned nearly six decades, Paul Revere Williams (1894-1980) designed more than 2,000 structures across L.A. County. His mastery of architectural styles ran the gamut, from Colonial to Tudor to Modern, and the types of buildings he designed were just as varied.

He also paved the way for Black architects struggling to gain a foothold in a deeply discriminatory system. Known as the “architect to the stars,” Williams was often commissioned to design homes in neighborhoods which, due to racial covenants, he was not allowed to live in. Beverly Hills is one of those neighborhoods, and is a prime example of Williams’ prolificacy.

Yet despite his legendary status, Williams’ structures face increasing threats of demolition or excessive alteration. In the last few decades, numerous Williams buildings have been destroyed, vanishing from the Los Angeles landscape. With them go a piece of history.

Join the L.A. Conservancy on a walking tour of Beverly Hills to visit the exteriors of several Williams structures. You’ll see residences and businesses in a variety of revisionist styles, and learn about Williams’ remarkable life and accomplishments—as well as the importance of protecting his legacy.

This event is for ages 12 and older.
Ample public parking is available at Rexford Public Parking.
Handicap parking is available. This event is wheelchair accessible. 
The organizer of this event is MADE and Los Angeles Conservancy
Beverly Hills Conference and Visitor Bureau
9400 S Santa Monica Blvd #102
Beverly Hills, CA 90210 
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